Why Coworking Matters

Now that I’ve been in coworking for most of two years, I’ve had some time to reflect on this whole coworking business, why I am in it, and how over time my passion for it has grown exponentially. I got into coworking more so by happenstance rather than intentionally seeking it out as a career. As part of my family’s property investment and management business, we had a property vacate in sudden fashion with no notice, so we were left to figure out what to do, and after some discussion and thought we decided to give coworking a try. From June 2016 to now, coworking has transformed from a way to pay rent to ourselves, into a business that I believe in passionately because ultimately, coworking is about people.

Fairly early on, it became clear to me that coworking was more than just building out private offices and dedicated desk space and filling them with renters. There are pretty straightforward reasons why people cowork (to name a few):

  • Coworking is more cost efficient than leasing and furnishing a full office
  • Coworking is flexible, accommodating business growth without having to change spaces
  • Coworking provides balance in the workplace between healthy community and business productivity

Yet I think the heart of coworking rests in the personal connection of a shared workspace. If you’ve ever worked from home, or worked cloistered alone in a sunless office for days and days on end, you’ve become well acquainted with the suffocating isolation that these environments can cause. I believe people are wired to be with other people, whether they are in an actual conversation, or sitting anonymously in a coffee shop, there is something powerful in being next to someone else. I believe, though I haven’t any expert basis to back this up, that anxiety and depression are less, happiness is greater, and work productivity is sharper and improved when you work around people. And it’s my observation that in a coworking environment, a day spent at work is just a little bit better because someone else was there next to you.

Coworking matters to me because as a coworking business owner, I get to take care of people and connect them with each other. People are what makes life meaningful and great. It’s relationships with people – friends, family, peers, and coworkers where deep connections are made, where we pour ourselves into each other, and purpose is found and fulfilled. Whether anyone will admit it or not, the true heart of coworking is human connection and through that, we ourselves are made better. Thanks to the people I’ve gotten to know and cowork with, I count myself truely fortunate to have been given this wonderful opportunity to create my little NiCHE in the coworking community.

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