A Few Technological Upgrades for Any Savvy Solopreneur

Have you found yourself flirting with the idea of going to work for yourself? The options for those with the motivation and skill set to work on their own terms have become increasingly numerous, and it’s getting easier and easier to shrug off the shackles of that nine-to-five life and go to work as your very own boss. Any freelancer will tell you, though, that the “solopreneur” almost always requires a pretty good technological setup. To start, you can’t do business online without a trusty laptop and a reliable way to connect to the Internet in the first place. The options can seem a little overwhelming, but not to worry! With a few good tips, you can absolutely outfit yourself with the perfect tech setup for any small business.

Don’t Be Afraid of Outsourcing

Working online means you can do a lot more than you would perhaps be able to accomplish on your own. You can outsource certain aspects of your business, freeing yourself up to take care of more important things that truly keep your clients happy and the ball rolling.

Consider checking out some online freelance boards, and think about which tasks you might be able to hand over to a reliable freelancer who can help you keep things running as quickly as possible. For example, someone with top-tier data entry skills can help you compile spreadsheets and transfer physical records to your digital database. Ideally, you’ll want someone with good research skills, speedy typing abilities, and a keen attention to detail.

Upgrade Your Gear Regularly

When you’re working as a solopreneur, things like your smartphone, computer, and tablet are no longer just accessories for your life. They’re now integral to your ability to do business. Therefore, it’s smart to stay up to date with your technology, so you can get your business off the ground quickly.

In order to take photos for product listings and stay on top of communications with your clients, you’ll need to upgrade your smartphone, if needed. For example, the iPhone 8 has some incredible battery life, as well as an advanced camera. For those that prefer the Android experience, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is favored by a lot of on-the-go professionals for its impressive 6.1-inch, crystal clear AMOLED display.

Another thing to consider is your plan. Not only does the right plan keep you connected at all times, but it’s best to look for one that offers unlimited talk and text. This way, you’ll be able to stay responsive when your clients message you, and a whole lot more.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

When it comes to managing a team of remote workers, having a great way to keep everyone up to speed is one of the most important arrows in your metaphorical business quiver. A cloud-based project management application like Asana or Trello can help you to make sure all your team members are on the same page when it comes to things like deliverables and deadlines. Many of them are even free to use but offer premium versions that will give you access to increased features and nifty perks.

The right technology and freelance help make a huge difference when you’re setting up your own business. What can seem like a challenge at first definitely gets easier as you go – and that goes double for anyone who has outfitted themselves with the right set of tools. By taking advantage of the right technology, you can professionally unlimit yourself and enjoy the career of which you’ve always dreamed.

Author: Courtney Rosenfeld

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