7 Reasons Why Coworking Makes Your Business Grow

When you’re in the process of building your business, you will face many challenges in taking your business vision into long term viability. Each day, every effort, every decision, every action can make a difference in your success in the long run. How you spend your day and where you spend your day often plays a critical part in your business success, which is why coworking is so important.

Here are 7 reasons why coworking directly contributes to your business growth and success:

  1. Coworking is Cost Efficient – Instead of committing to long term leases and the expense of furnishing a full office, a coworking space offers shared synergies that save thousands of dollars. It’s a ready built office with everything you need, just move in and start working.
  2. Flexibility – If your business grows or shrinks you don’t have to move. Breaking leases, furnishing (or unfurnishing) an office can be a huge headache and a drain on productivity. Coworking also accommodates any schedule, guests, and visitors, or any temporary situation that might arise in your day to day business operations.
  3. Centrally Located – Coworking spaces are often in the heart of business districts that are close to home. You can eliminate the strain of daily commuting and get more done.
  4. Networking – Meeting and connecting with folks in the coworking community and from outside sources is one of the best reasons to cowork. You never know who you will meet, and in a coworking space, meeting your next potential business partner isn’t a far fetched idea.
  5. Balance – coworking keeps your work life healthy through connection and community. Too much work in isolation can be tough and discouraging, but in the community of a coworking space, you’ll stay more balanced and thus your business will be healthier.
  6. Increased Productivity – Stay in a better head space throughout the day and you will definitely get more stuff done, and it will be higher quality production! A healthier psychology can only help improve business – clearer thinking, sustained motivation, and a can-do attitude can make all the difference in the world.
  7. Free Kombucha & Beer – Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially if it’s Kombucha and Beer?!? No, these aren’t a necessity of life or business success (for most anyway), but it’s the nice little personal touches of coworking that add up. A contented coworker is a productive coworker.

Think it over as it relates to your business. Maybe you need to tighten up the bottom line and shedding the big old office space is just the thing. Or maybe it’s time to get out of the house so you can focus just a little bit more for a few hours more per day. Whatever the reason, coworking is a great way to work.

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